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The Maui Oceanfront Marathon & Marathon Early Start

The Marathon Early  start for walkers is at 4:30 a.m., the  Marathon starts at  5:30 a.m.

Free Parking at the Start line at the Overflow Parking area 3/10th of a mile above the Shops of Wailea.

Go to the end of the Pi'ilani Highway, turn right down the hill, take the first left, next right into the parking area.

After parking at the Overflow Parking Grass Area lock and walk down to the Shops of Wailea.
Portable Toilets are at the Shops of Wailea.
The start line is above Ulua Beach on Wailea Alanui Rd


Best Bet:

Have someone drop you off at the Shops of Wailea, park get you a cup off coffee at Honolulu Coffee in the street side of the Shops of Wailea.

Shuttle buses from Lahaina will drop off at the Shops of Wailea before heading back to Lahaina for other race pickups.





The Marathon Early start 

  • Is for 6+ hour Marathon finishers.

  • The clock is turned off at noon

  • The early starts gives you 7.5 hours to finish.

  • The Maui Oceanfront Marathon Early Start Walkers Course is the same as the regular Marathon.

  • Marathon Early Starters will have a shuttle bus to the start line from  Kaanapali Whalers Village and the Prison Street Parking lot in Lahaina a block from the finish line.

  • Because of the early start, if you have a choice,  it would be best to stay in the Wailea or Kihei start line area.

  • The purpose of the early start is to get us all home early and give you a cooler run.

  • Wear a flashing light or two for the first hour or so, and reflective clothing.

  • Home Depot has or had some cheap headband headlights you might look for.

  • You will use the sidewalk and street lights for the first part of the race.

  • Early starters should bring their own water bottle for the first 7 or 8 miles just in case our aid stations sleep in.


    * The Early Start is for slower marathoners or walkers who anticipate finishing over 6 hours. The first 8 miles are under street lights. First light is about 6:20 AM. You may need running lights just after Mile 8.

    * Marathoners or  early start marathoners will run out of street lights if you pass the 8 mile mark before  6:20 AM.  Wear reflective clothing and flashers and bring a bottle of water for the first 6 miles in case aid stations are late. Early starters will receive finishers medal and a license plate frame, but not age division awards.




    The Marathon & Marathon Early Start Course is the same.

    • The Early Start Marathon starts at 4:30AM and the clock is turned off at noon giving you 7 hour and 30 minutes to finish.

    The regular start Marathon

    • The Marathon starts at 5:30AM and the clock is turned off at noon giving you 6 hours and 30 minutes to finish.

    • The start is just below the Wailea special event parking area on Wailea Iki Road.

    • The start is just up the hill from The Shops at Wailea.

    • The start goes about 300' downhill for the first mile and quarter.

    • The course travels down Wailea Iki Rd to Wailea Alanui Drive (Shops at Wailea and Marriott Hotel)
      and then onto  South Kihei Rd at mile 1, through oceanfront Kihei Town with a left turn onto  Highway 30 at the 11 mile mark at Ma'alaea Bay and continues oceanfront all the way to Front Street at the South end of Lahaina Town.

    • The last mile is through oceanfront residential and ends at oceanfront Kamehameha Iki Park adjacent to 505 Front Street.

    • All of the course is on asphalt and the shoulder of the road.

    • The shoulder is mostly between 4' to 6' wide. Some spots wider, some narrower.

    • The course has many scenic pull outs and public beaches along the course  for family and friends to park, picnic and support your run.

    • This is a  competitive division with  a finishers medal, 5 year age division awards, a license plate frame to help celebrate (and brag to your friends),   as well as a souvenir Maui Oceanfront Event race shirt.

    • The Red Mile Marker Signs on the course are mile to go. The yellow paint  numbers on the road are miles from the start line. Any white numbers are from other local races.



See the Time Line for race start time and shuttle bus schedule

There is bus transportation from the Marathon start line in Wailea to the Half Marathon Start line.

Traditional Hawaiian entertainment will be awaiting you along with your finishers medal and snacks at the finish line in Lahaina.

Best bet for enjoying your race. Have your support crew drop you off at the start line, and then park along the course for pictures, cheering, watching the whales, and then you take them to one of the great Lahaina open air breakfast places after the race to enjoy your great finish and accomplishment. The Pioneer Inn is just a long block past the finish line next to the Banyan Street Square and the yacht harbor.