MOM's Cookie Run

Thursday 8AM start
(Low tide is 7:49am)

Kalama Beach Park


Park and meet in the parking lot  across from Foodland,  between the whale sculpture and the baseball field.

  1. MOM's Cookie Run is a free, low key, un-timed fun run.

  2. No entry fee, except bring cookies, donuts, bagels, fruit, or a case of water to share.

  3. Distance is a guesstimate of about 2.8 miles.

  4. The course start is from the park on the ocean path in front of the covered picnic tables, north along the seawall to Halama St, north down Halama St, right turn on Waiohuli St, left turn onto So. Kihei Rd  (Veterinary Hospital), left turn onto Lipoa Street (Catholic Church), left turn on the beach, running on the sand and low tide for about quarter of a mile, left turn up an access path back onto Halama St., back to the start line to finish.

  5. At the finish eat  cookies and talk to your new friends.

  6. Ask the Race Director questions about Friday-Saturday number pick ups and Sunday's races, etc..


  1. Your shoes are going to get wet and sandy. Use your second string shoes.

  2. We will collect old shoes for the Kihei Youth Center. You can donate your wet shoes if you like. They do an outstanding aid stations on Sunday. And their kids will be excited to have your old shoes.

  3. Low tide is at 7:49 AM (your shoes may get wet)

  4. Sunrise is 7:06 AM

  5. Pick up a box, bag of cookies or fruit or a case of water at Foodland before you come over to the run. Or at Costco by the airport as you are leaving the airport.

  6. Meet by the covered picnic tables.

  7. Several places to eat breakfast across from the park after the run.

  8. Look up Kalama Beach Park, in Kihei,  on your smart phone GPS.