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The Best Way to run our 5K or 15K races

  1. Have someone drive you to the start line so you can sleep in longer. 

  2. Or take the shuttle bus from Kaanapali at the bus station at Whalers Village. These full buses will go right to the starting lines. Half full buses will do a pick up at the Prison Street parking lot. 

  3. If you drive yourself, there is free parking at the Prison Street Parking lot near the start line. Check out all the paid parking places in Lahaina on your map that you will have picked up at the airport or your hotel lobby. The Half Marathoners will probably have taken all the free parking at Prison Street. Take a look at the paid parking lots in Lahaina. See the Maui Map you picked up at the airport baggage room or your hotel lobby.

  4. When you land on Maui and are waiting for your baggage, pick up a Maui Driving Map from the desk inside the baggage area. 

  5. Ideally after dropping you off, your support crew will drive along the course to cheer and take pictures of you and the whales from one of the beautiful oceanfront pullouts. 

  6. If you take the bus from Prison Street parking lot, which is a block from the finish line, leave your race bag in your car or drop it off behind the hale in Kamehameha Iki Park, which is the finish area. 

  7. Dress skimpily for the race. If lucky, the morning temperatures will get down into the high 50’s, but probably the mid-60’s. If we are unlucky and have a Kona wind which has happened once in 13 years, the temps will be in the high 70’s at the start. The Kona wind will come from the south and blow you toward the finish line.

  8. Typical weather is mid-60’s at the start with no wind, no rain.

  9. The 15K and 5K are point to point absolutely flat races. Best bet is to take the shuttle bus from the Prison Street parking lot, which is a block north of the finish line. 

  10. Alternatively take the shuttle bus to the start line from Kaanapali. Pick up the bus at the Whalers Village bus stop. 

  11. But bring a garbage bag to the start line in case it rains. We have never needed it, but it could happen. And if we don’t need it, hand it to a volunteer and we can use it for trash. 

  12. At the start, you will cross over timing pads and your start time will be recorded. Your timing chip is on the back of your race bib. 


    1. The 15K will start at 6:35 AM at Papalaua Beach, which is just north of the tunnel.

    2. The 5K starts at 8:30 AM at Lone Palm Point, which is about 8/10th of a mile south of Launiupoko Beach Park.

  13. You wear your number on the front, not the back. (The race photographer needs the number on the front.)

  14. Numbers 1-10 are given to the runners who have donated the largest amount of money to the race, which is earmarked for our aid stations. We thank these very generous big-hearted runners. 

  15. There are aid stations each mile on these courses manned by high school teams, non-profit organizations and some businesses. 

  16. You will receive a beautiful finishers medal after you cross the finish line. 

  17. We will have spray showers set up just beyond the finish line, thanks to the Four Seasons Hotel. 

  18. The Maui School of Therapeutic Massage School of Maui will have 18-22 free massage tables for you. 

  19. There will be snacks at the finish line and Ultima Replenisher.

  20. After the race, plan on taking your support crew or meeting your new running friends in one of the many dining spots in Lahaina after the race. 

  21. On the course there will be Ultima Replenisher,  and special treats at each aid station.. 

  22. The race and bus schedule will be printed on the back of your race bib.

  23. Put your credit card and a couple of $20 and a $5 bill and in your little pocket, just in case. The $5 would be a nice way to thank the massage people but definitely not necessary. 

  24. See the Time Line on the web site for packet pickup.

  25. Gear bags may be dropped behind and next to the Hale near the toilets. Don't leave anything of value in your bag.

  26. This is not the Boston Marathon or  the New York Marathon, etc.

  27. Hang Loose, your on Maui and on Island Time

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