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The Best Way to run The Marathon or Early Start Marathons:

  1. Have someone drive you to the start line at the Shops at Wailea so you can sleep in. Drive south to Wailea using the Piilani Hwy. The Piilani is Hwy 31 and turns west towards the ocean and Wailea. When you get to the end of the road, you are at the Shops of Wailea. Turn left and quick right into the south parking lot of the Shops at Wailea. First hour is free parking.  Park, and walk through the middle shopping center, then stop at the Coffee Bean that will be open for the Marathon and gets some coffee. Spectators should hang around and watch the Hawaiian Blessing before the start of the race. If your parking your self for the day, park for free, by turning right at the light and then just before the Andaz Hotel turn left down into Ulua Beach. About 3 blocks walk back to the start area.
    Importand Note: (this is a new section of the course) YOU NEED A HEADLAMP OR OTHER LIGHTING DEVICE.  At 1.4 miles you will take a 3/10th of a mile out and back down to the very end  of South Kihei Road to get the necessary distance for our Marathon. It does not have street lights. Only tiki torches and the moon. AGAIN YOU NEED A HEADLAMP OR OTHER LIGHTING DEVICE. THERE ARE SPEED BUMPS THAT WILL SLOW YOU DOWN OTHERWISE.

  2. Ideally after dropping your special person drops you off, that someone will drive along the course to cheer and take pictures of you from one of our beautiful pullouts. 

  3. When you land on Maui and are waiting for your baggage, pick up a Maui Driving Map from the desk inside the baggage area.
    If you forget, Maps are at all the hotel lobbies.

  4. Important: Marathoners need a headlamp for safety. After 7.5 miles it will be pitch black except for car headlights and the distant aid stations. First light begins about 6:25AM. If you arrive at the 7.5 mark before 6:25 AM you will be running in the dark. For the first 7.5 miles there will be dark spots on the course where street lights don't cover or may be burnt out. WEAR A HEADLAMP. Buy one from Home Depot or Amazon. We have 25 to sell the C- runners at packet pickup on Friday or Saturday. Put your name, cell phone#, and bib number on it and drop it off at an aid station after the sun comes up.
    Turn your headlamp in at either the 8 or 10 mile aid stations. They will be brought to the finish line before you finish for your return.

  5. The bus for the Early Start Marathon only leaves from the Whalers Village bus station and then goes to the Prison Street parking lot near the finish line to fill the bus.. 

  6. The Marathon has pick ups in Kaanapali at the  bus stop in front of Whalers Village and at the Prison Street free parking lot by the finish line in Lahaina.  See the schedule on the back of your race bib or on the web site for all the events.

  7. If you take the bus from Prison Street parking lot, which is a block from the finish line, leave your race bag in your car or drop it off behind the hale in Kamehameha Iki Park, which is the finish area. (525 Front Street. Lahaina)

  8. We do not transport race bags to the finish line from Wailea. 

  9. Dress skimpily for the race. If lucky, the morning temperature will get down into the high 50’s, but probably will be in the mid-60. If we are unlucky and have a Kona Wind, which has happened once in 10 years, the temperatures will be in the high 70’s at the start. But the wind will be at your back. 

  10. Typical weather is mid-60’s at the start with no wind, no rain. 

  11. But bring a garbage bag in your race bag and bring it to the start line in case it rains. We have never needed it, but it could happen. And if you don’t need it, hand it to a volunteer and we can use it for trash. 

  12. If you are driving and parking at the Shops at Wailea, park as directed which will be, as far away from the shopping center as possible so we don’t make The Shops unhappy. 

  13. If someone is dropping you off, they can park anywhere in the Shops at Wailea and stay and watch the start. 

  14. We will have the traditional Hawaiian blessing at the start. You will enjoy it. 

  15. At the start you will cross over timing pads and your start time will be recorded. Your timing chip is on the back of your race bib. 

  16. You wear your number on the front, not the back. 

  17. Numbers 50 and numbers 1-9 will start on the front row. Make room for them. The 50s represent the runners who are doing their 50th different marathon state.

  18. Numbers 1-9, are given to the runners who have donated the largest amount of money to the race, which is earmarked for our aid stations. We thank these very generous big-hearted runners. 

  19. Early starters (4:00 and 4:40 AM) will stay on the sidewalk or bike lane. No traffic controls for those starts. There will be about 70 or 80. Remember that the early starters will get finishers medals and license plate holders, but not be part of age division or overall awards. 

  20. The Marathon start will consist of 500+ runners at 5:00 AM. We use cell phone time right down to the second and will start on time. 

  21. The first 1.5 miles will be closed to traffic giving you time to spread out. After that you will run in the bike lane facing traffic. 

  22. There will be cops at all the traffic lights giving you priority on the course through Kihei. 

  23. There are 18 aid stations on the course manned by high school teams, non-profit organizations and some businesses. 

  24. You will receive a special email from me after the race and you will be asked to vote for the best aid station for the first half of the course. And the best aid station for the second half of the course. We will list the aid stations on the ballot to help you remember. 

  25. Winning aid stations get nice cash prizes along with a nice check for being out there. Your vote is important. 

  26. You will receive a beautiful finishers medal after you cross the finish line. 

  27. We will have spray showers set up just beyond the finish line, thanks to the Four Seasons Hotel. 

  28. The Maui School of Therapeutic Massage School of Maui will have 18-20 massage tables for you. 

  29. There will be snacks at the finish line and Ultima Replenisher. 

  30. After the race plan on taking your support crew or meeting your new running friends in one of the many dining spots in Lahaina after the race. Have a change of clothes in your support crew's car. There is cold showers next to the finish line after a dip into the ocean.

  31. On the course there will be Ultima Replenisher, Cliff Bars, cookies, fruit, candy, etc. Also Clif Shot Bloks energy gels will be on the course at 5, 10, 15, 20 and 23 mile aid stations.

  32. There will be a charter bus leaving back to the Wailea start line at two different times from the Prison St. parking lot. The cost is $10 and you may buy the ticket at packet pickup. 

  33. The race and bus schedule will be printed on the back of your race bib.

  34. There is no gear bag transportation from Wailea start line. Put in your support car. If you are catching the bus from Prison Street put bag behind the Hale near the toilets before you board the bus to Wailea.

  35. At the finish line the bus pickup  is at the Prison Street free parking lot. 

  36. Parking:  At the start line you have 59 minutes of free parking. If you buy something for $25 in the Shops of Wailea you can get the first 3 hours free. Have some one drop you off in or outside the Shops of Wailea is the best bet. . 

  37. Put your credit card and a couple of $20 and a $5 bill and in your little pocket, just in case. The $5 would be a nice way to thank the massage people but definitely not necessary. 

  38. See the Time Line on the web site for packet pickup. 

  39. This is not the Boston Marathon, the New York Marathon, etc.

  40. Hang Loose, your on Maui on Island Time.

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