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Timing will be done by Pacific Sports Events and we will use bib chip timing. Your timing strip will be on the back of your race bib. Wear your race number on the front. When you cross the start or finish line mat your time will be recorded. You can keep both the souvenir race bib  and the timing strip on the back when the race is over.

Our timer has an application that posts finish times of participants to Facebook. Spectators need to sign up on our site the week of the event and they can pick the participants they want to track. When the participant they are tracking comes thru the finish line the spectator will receive a post on their Facebook page letting them know that the participant came through and their finish time. It’s very simple, easy and free.

 We will load the data the week of the event and at that time spectators can sign up. We can’t do it earlier because we won’t have the participant data loaded into the program. The link will be so you can see what it looks like. Again your event won’t be listed now because there is no participant data and won’t be until the week of the event.

When you get your race bib:

  1. Use only the run number assigned to you.

  2. Wear your run number flat against the FRONT of your clothing.

  3. DO NOT bend, fold or modify your run number in any way.

  4. Cross the start and finish lines wearing your run number to receive a finish time.

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