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Race Director's Updates for Maui and Tahoe

Updated July 30, 2021

2019 Results

Maui Oceanfront Marathon News
Final Instructions
5K & 15K
10K & Half Marathon
Marathon & Early Start Marathon
Race fees go up a little bit the 1st day of every month.  
(So wait until the 1st of the month to register, we can always use the extra money.)

Hawaii is usually the last state for those questing to run a marathon or half marathon in all 50 states. MOM welcomes you with bib number 50 and a special finishers medal to celebrate your achievement. Tell us your coming for your 50th state.

Changing your race is no big deal. You may change your race on line for free until bibs are printed, or at shirt and number pickup on  Friday or Saturday.  After bibs have been printed the cost to change is $10 or a bottle of red wine. And Pineapple wine does not count. See the Time Line bib pick up details.

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See interactive course map


I'm repeating this is for the C- students: You may downgrade your race distance on line by clicking on this link until Dec 15 at no charge, except we would appreciate on the honor system a 6 pack of corona or a bottle of red wine brought to number pickup for our volunteer party. Aloha

 We have  chartered the Calypsoi for a special post marathon Sunset Cocktail Dinner Whale Cruise departing at 5:15 PM. Limited to first 75 runners/family members. This is a great whale watching opportunity. Click here for details.

We do not have special hotel rates at any of the hotels this year. They are all doing so well they don't need to give discounts.

You will need a car on Maui. Again we do not have any special rates because during Covid the car companies reduced inventory and have not built it back up so have few cars and rent them all out as it is right now with out giving discounts. Many of the rental car companies nearly went bankrupt. The bus system works well as does Uber.

We also have  Maui Race shirts ($20) and running caps ($15) that are available for purchase. They will make a nice gift for those who you want to make  jealous back home. Hats are available at bib pick and shirts at the finish line. 

Kihei Kaffe is at  3.8 mile aid station across from the Surfing Park in Kihei. Have your supporters stop by there for coffee in the morning. They open at 5AM.

McDonalds is open at 5 miles on race morning. Coffee and breakfast, BATHROOM available.

If you feel like buying a piece of Maui, see or call Jim Wagner's Coldwell Bankers Office in The Shops at Wailea 808-874-8668

Hungry for a burger or filling up your car? Our 12 mile aid sponsor is Carl's Jr. and the 76 Union Station at Ma'alaea Bay will fill you and your car up.

Starbucks at the Cannery Mall in Lahaina furnished coffee for you and I at the half marathon-10K start-finish line in Lahaina 


Lake Tahoe Marathon News

  1. Our other races are the  Lake Tahoe Marathon  October 8-10, 2021

  2. Run 3 different Half Marathons in 2 states in 3 days, and it is called the "Tahoe Trifecta".

  3. Run 3 different Marathons in in 2 states over 3 days, and that is called the "Tahoe Triple"

  4. 72 Mile Ultra Run, Double Dare, Triple Dare and the Quadzilla!

  5. The 4-Person Marathon Relay for you and your friends

  6. 5K, 10K, 16.6 Miler, Kids Pumpkin Fun Runs

See the Time Line for other races on Maui or around the country you may like to do.

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