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Covid 19 Race Rules and Considerations

(as of January 11, 2022)​​

  1. Covid-19 is hitting Maui hard right now.

  2. We lost 2 volunteer aid stations today because of Covid. 

  3. We will rely on 911 for medical emergencies

  4. All runners must have been vaccinated.

  5. All runners must show vaccination card and ID to pick up race bibs.

  6. For ease please bring a color copy of both on one sheet of paper to present to monitor.

  7. Roll over runners from 2021 may show negative Covid Test with in 48 hours

  8. Runners must have race bib to board the shuttle buses to the start lines.

  9. Runners must wear face mask to board and ride bus.

  10. Race bibs and t-shirts will be picked up outdoors in a parking lot in Kihei on January 14 or in Lahaina in the Pioneer Inn court yard on January 15. See the Time Line for address and times.

  11. No expo booths allowed at pick up or at the finish line, due to Covid-19.

  12. The 400  marathon runners MAY start when ready after arrival to the start area between 4AM and 5AM or will start in three  groups at 4AM for those needing early start, 4:40AM for 55+ age or 5AM for everyone else.

  13. To earn a age division award, marathoners must start at 4:40am or 5am

  14. The 500-600 Half Marathoners and 10K runners SHOULD start when ready for their out and back run from the Kamehameha Iki Park start area between 6:05AM and 7AM. We will not use the wave letters. Start when ready.

  15. Use your hotel bathroom and be ready to start upon arrival.

  16. Its warm, you will not need warm up clothes. There is no officail bag drop.

  17. To win the overall award in each race you must start at the prescribed starting time.

  18. The 15K, less than 100 runners,  will start together at 6:35AM

  19. The 5K, with about 150 runners will start at 8:30 A.M. 

  20. Marathoners who want to win must start at 5AM

  21. Half Marathoners who want to win the overall must start at 6:35AM

  22. The finish line for all races is on Front Street at Kamehameha Iki Park and will shut down at noon.

  23. All race volunteers will wear face masks while giving out finisher’s medals and other awards.

  24. There will be 5 year age awards three deep in the marathon distance only

  25. The 5K, 10K, 15K and Half Marathon age awards are first place in age division only may pick up past  the finish line when ready. 

  26. Runners  may pick up there earned award on Monday at 2480 S. Kihei Rd #9,Kihei, starting at 10AM, bring wine or beer. Volunteers are a thirsty bunch.

  27. There will be finishers medals for all finishers at the finish line

  28. Water or Gatorade will be distributed by runners taking cups off the table. No one will hand water to the runners.

  29. Snacks will be served the same way in individual cups or containers.

  30. Put your used cups or containers in the trash cans provided at each aid stations.

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