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Parking for each Race

The Marathon

1. Park or be dropped off in the north parking lot at the Shops at Wailea. Free parking at  The Shops.

2. Race starts from the south side ot The Shops.

3. Walk through the breezeway turn left, use The Shops regular flush toilets

4 Go up the escalator to the start line.

5. Post-Race have someone pick you up at the Launiupoko finish line.

6. Or at bib pick up buy a charter bus ticket for post ride pack to Wailea.

The Finish Line at Launiupoko Beach area and the 5K

1. Turn downhill (west) on Kai Hele Ku Street to Launiupoko Beach Park

2. Turn left into the parking lot at the bottom of the hill.

3. If full, turn right at the bottom of the hill and park along either side of the highway.

The Half Marathon starts at Maalaea on Maalaea Road behind the Union Gas Station & Carls Jr

1. Turn at the light at the Union Gas Station which is Kapoli St.

2. Turn right into the parking lot. It's $2/ hour , or free for Hawaii residents.

3. The start line is just down the hill to your left. Look for the flood light.

4. Post race you can be picked up by your loved ones from Launiupoko Beach or take the free shuttle bus back.

  The 6-Miler starts outside Ukumehene Beach Park


1. No parking is this small parking lot for the race.

2. Have a loved one drop you off and proceed north to watch you run and take photos.

3. Parking is available along the road north and south with a walk to the start line area at Ukumeheme Park area. Don't park in the sand unless you have 4-wheel drive or Triple A.

4. At the Launiupoko Finish line have your waiting loved one take you home.

5. Or catch the shuttle bus to Maalaea and ask the bus driver to stop at Ukumeheme Beach Park.



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