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Virtual Races

Step 1.

Click here to change your race to Virtual

Step 2.

Must do your run or runs before January 14, 2023.

Step 3.

Send either a, or copy of your route that includes your time. Put VIRTUAL RESULTS in the subject field when you send your results. And add your mailing address.

Step 4.

After January 14, 2023 we will send you your finishers medal and t-shirt and possibly your race bib. IMPORTANT: update your mailing address here so you will get your shirt and medal without delay.

Step 5.

No extra fee for running your event virtually. Just extra fee for out of country mailing.

Step 6.

We understand that circumstances change and Virtual becomes the only way. If you are on Maui at another time feel free to run the MOM virtually at another time other than MOM's race weekend,  or if MOM is cancelled because of Covid or any other reason, feel free to run the regular course on your own. And then contact us with proof of your virtual run.


See maps on the web site.

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